Grizzly Metalworks; USA High Quality! Never From China! Custom Fabricated Truck/Jeep Winch Plate Bumpers; Hybrid Winch Bumpers; and Non-Winch Plate Bumpers for Popular Model Trucks & Jeeps...Plus UTV & Honda Pioneer 500 Side X Side Rear Welded Flip Seat Assemblies - a Grizzly Metalworks Exclusive High Quality Rear Seat with Options!!! Each Custom Designed and Fabricated with Options Buyer may Chose at Checkout! Raw Metal is Standard Finish OR Option for Professional Powder Coat! We Freight Grizzly products through Central Transport Freight to the closest Terminal using your Zip Code for your Easy Pick Up there! Email us with your Zip Code and We will Run the Closest Terminal Pickup! Local Buyers in the General Chattanooga, TN Or North Georgia Areas, We do Meet in Convenient Locations at No Charge!! GRIZZLY METALWORKS, Chickamauga,Georgia! Never from China!! NOTE: EST. LEAD TIME FOR CUSTOM DESIGNED & FABRICATED GRIZZLY PRODUCTS - MINIMUM 24-30+ Estimated Business days and 1-2 Business Days in Shipping for the Build of the Custom Crate or Pallet and Ordering the Bill of Lading Papers & Delivery to Central Transport in Chattanooga, TN to Freight Out!!!

Grizzly Metalworks

High Quality, Custom Fabricated, Heavy Duty, 3/16" Plate Truck & Jeep Winch Bumpers & Hybrid Winch Bumpers (Option for Non-Winch Model) AND Grizzly's Custom Designed UTV Universal Models & Honda Pioneer 500 Exclusive Rear Welded Flip Seat Assemblies with our Amazing "Heat Shield" - Instant Rear transformation for Comfortable Seating or Folds Flat for loading and hauling...on your UTV or Honda Pioneer 500..Choose from the Several Unique Options you will be proud of!

Proudly Made in the USA!!!

"Never From China!"

Grizzly Metalworks - Chickamauga, Georgia  

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ESTIMATED: 24-30+ Business days with 1-2 days in Shipping to build the custom pallet or OSB crate, extensive freight wrapping, order and receive back the Bill of Lading from Central Transport & Delivery to the Central Transport Terminal in Chattanooga, TN..We will then email you the ProTracking Number so you can easily track it!

After Fabrication for local Buyers, we take the completed Product to one of our Storage Units for your Pickup there. WHEN YOU CHECKOUT - MARK "LOCAL DELIVERY" for this Option; and we will update you when your order comes through to us!

We Freight all Products to the Closest Central Transport Freight Terminal using Buyer's Zip Code for Pick-up there!

We Do Not Ship to any Business or Residential Locations Due to Size of Crates and Pallets!

We Freight to all Lower 48 USA States through Central Transport Freight who Provides us Superior Service & Rates to our Customers - with Customer Pickup of your Product at the closest Central Transport Freight Terminal in your location!

If you need us to run the closest Central Transport Terminal, please email with your zip code and we will run it and email to you their address!

No Residential or Business location Deliveries..These are large custom built OSB freight crates for your bumper build and large custom built pallets for your Rear Flip Seat Assemblies!

Central Transport will assist you at their terminal loading to your truck or trailer!

(Typically customer pickups at their terminals are Monday to Friday daytime hours, subject to location.) Central Transport Freight has always been very helpful with assistance to get you loaded at their terminal location! Their main # for any of your questions : (586) 467-1900.

NOTE: We do NOT list all States in the Drop Down of States & their Specific Freight Rates on Each Product Page, which is due to many States will have varying Rates Freight Rates within that state!

IF YOUR STATE IS NOT LISTED IN THE DROP DOWN OF STATES on your Product Page, we will run the Exact Freight Rate to your zip code..

PLEASE EMAIL gailglenfield with the PRODUCT & ZIP CODE and we will run the Freight rate and email you!

Grizzly Metalworks, USA, Unique, Professional, Custom Designed & Fabricated Per Order in our Facility in Chickamauga, Georgia-just outside Chattanooga, TN!

Never from China!

RAW METAL IS STANDARD FINISH with our Products! (Professional Powder coat is an Option to Add - Add'l up to 9 days at Powder Coat)

*Our Buyers enjoy the option to complete their custom product with the exact paint or powder coat color or sheen they want......OR we have an Option to send the Product to our Professional Powder Coater after our Fabrication for add'l amount; Est. 7-10 Business days add'l..

*** Proudly A+ Rated with the BBB!

If your Product is RAW METAL, Typically you will clean with ACETONE (Clean the Product then let it dry well), PRIME & PAINT..

We find that Rustoleum Professional Spray Paint and Primer are super to use!! (But use what product you feel is best.) Take your time for a great finish! Clean with Acetone Let Dry..If you can hang the product for easy spray coats that works well..(usually 2-3 coats of Primer and Paint! )

Note: Typically by Painting the product it allows after "rugged play or work" to touch up more easily than a powder coated scratch".

Grizzly Metalworks Custom Products - Made in the USA! A PROUD A+ RATED Member of the BBB Serving Southeast Tennessee & Northwest Georgia