About Grizzly Metalworks - Powder Coating Information - Add'l Ordering Details



  • All Truck & Jeep Bumpers, Rock Sliders, Side x Side Rear Welded Seats, Rear Welded Seat with Welded Baja Cage and Big Buck Baskets & Larger Products will ship Freight either to an Acceptable Commercial Business Location OR to a Central Transport Freight Terminal for customer pickup there!
  • Large Products such as Winch Bumpers, Side X Side Rear Flip Seats, Truck Rock Sliders, Etc. can only ship Freight - Not FedEx Ground - Large Crates and Large Pallets!
  • All Grizzly Winch Bumpers ARE WELDED!  THEY ARE NOT "CHEAP CHINA" BOLT TOGETHER.  FULLY WELDED AND GROUND SMOOTH! They are High Quality Welded 100% USA! Not China Cheap Bolt-Together!
  • Smaller Golf Cart Products can ship FedEx Ground to home delivery - see specific listings!!! Most Golf Cart Products will ship FedEx Ground, which can be FedEx Ground for Home Delivery or to a Business...Several Side x Side Bumpers also ship FedEx Ground. 
  •  FREIGHT MUST BE SHIPPED TO a Commercial Business Location that has standard open days and hours for Freight delivery (Monday - Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.) You must let us know the Name of the Business and Address to run it through Central Transport for validation.  No Home Based Businesses, Farms, (See Exclusion Snip it Below or Message us)
  • We order the Detailed Bill of Lading through Central Transport and will need the following accurate details for smooth Freight Shipping at the end...we must be very detailed.
  • We Only Freight and FedEx Ground ship to the Lower 48 States of USA!  We do not ship to Canada or other locations outside the "Lower 48" but can ship to your family or friends in the USA for your pickup at their location


    NOTE: If your Product Requires FREIGHT Shipping and THE BUSINESS IS NOT YOUR BUSINESS OR IF YOU WILL NOT BE THE ONE RECEIVING THE FREIGHT AT THAT BUSINESS such as another person, friend or family member who will receive the freight for you...WE WILL NEED their phone # AND NAME...

    OR WE CAN SHIP TO A Central Transport Freight Terminal if in a location that you are able to drive to pick it up which is a great option.  MESSAGE US WITH YOUR ZIP CODE AND WE CAN RUN THE CLOSEST CENTRAL TRANSPORT FREIGHT TERMINAL FOR YOU!  They are great to work with!

    There is a drop down menu if you check "Central Transport Terminal" for Shipping OR  EMAIL: PRIOR TO PURCHASE WITH YOUR ZIP CODE and we can help andl RUN THE CLOSEST CENTRAL TRANSPORT FREIGHT TERMINAL LOCATION WHERE YOU COULD PICK IT UP, IF IN A VIABLE DRIVING DISTANCE TO YOU. Most Central Transport Freight Terminals have pickups during daytime hours and week days, but can be more convenient than having it shipped to a business!

     We do Offer to Meet Customers from Nashville, Knoxville, Atlanta, Birmingham, etc. in a convenient location around the Chattanooga, TN area, or North Georgia etc. instead of Shipping; We meet Many buyers of Multiple Products or the Large Front Winch Bumper Builds and Rear Welded Flip Seat Assemblies, etc. if we agree to meet - we do Not Charge any Delivery or Shipping, but please email: prior to purchasing and we can PayPal Invoice you with details of the meeting arrangement.

    Please remember if you live OUTSIDE of Georgia and you want to meet in a Georgia Location - let's say you are from Alabama and want us to meet in Georgia, WE MUST THEN COLLECT 8% GEORGIA SALES TAX AS WE HAVE DELIVERED TO GEORGIA...If we meet a Buyer from OUTSIDE of Georgia in Tennessee...then we DO NOT have to collect the 8% Georgia Sales Tax...We abide by all lawful requirements! 







    POWDER COATING IS AN OPTION & ADDITIONAL PRICE PER PRODUCT - contact for details & pricing (Lead time for powder coat Est. 7 - 9 business days add'l)


    SEMI-GLOSS BLACK (Standard Sheen)

    TEXTURED BLACK (Professional Texture)

    MATTE BLACK (Low Sheen) 


    Professional Powder Coating is available as stated above as an Additional Option for any Product which we Crate and Freight out or if we meet Customer for Delivery.

    (We do build High Qaulity OSB Crates for Each Truck/Jeep Bumper & Rock Sliders which is included. For those Products which are typically well boxed and shipped or well palleted and shipped - please contact us if you are interested in Powder Coating.)


    • All Grizzly Metalworks Products are Designed and Precision Fabricated in our Family Owned and Operated Facility in Chickamuaga, Georgia; located about 20 miles from Chattanooga, TN.
    • All Products are Fabricated Per Order.  NO REFUNDS, NO RETURNS, NO CANCELLATIONS. All Materials are ordered out immediately - and the complex design and build phases begin. 
    • You may place an order online OR you may email: if you are purchasing a complex product build. 
    • We then will obtain all details of the build and shipping as needed, Prepare a PayPal Invoice and email to you for payment with the detailed information on the Invoice.  You may pay by a credit or debit card or PayPal.  You do not need a PayPal account, they are our credit card merchant servicer.
    • Each Product is Custom Fabricated Per Order with a Fabrication Lead Time according to the Product with the High Volume of Grizzly Product Orders: Est. 18 Business days for Golf Cart Products, Side x Side Products & Truck/Jeep Bumpers Plus 1-2 days in Shipping for preparing for Boxing, Pallet or Crate, According to the product & ordering shipping paperwork.(Note Orders for Several Products at the same time may increase Lead time - please message us with any questions.)
    • We Create Unique and Heavy Duty Products for Side x Sides/UTV's such as Grizzly's Custom Rear Welded Flip Seat Assembly with many unique Options; Winch bumpers, Hunting Rear Baskets & for Trucks & Jeeps Grizzly's High Quality Front Winch Plate Bumpers and also Non-Winch Bumpers; for Golf Carts we exceed the typical "golf cart" products with Custom Built Front Clays Baskets using heavy duty 13 Gauge Expanded Sheet Metal, not "mesh"; Interior Ammo Gear Baskets, Rear Tube Bumpers and More..
    • Grizzly Metalworks Products are Never from Overseas!  We Never Stock them or Warehouse them we Offer an Extensive amount of Buyer Options they may choose to Customize their Grizzly Product when you place an order!   Each is Custom Fabricated Per Order.  
    • We have personally seen Shipping Service Drivers at our Drop Off Location, physically toss our products into the back of their trucks with no care to our Boxed Custom Products or other Boxes already in their truck! This is not acceptable to us for Powder Coated Products when we have no control once it leaves our facility where we have created the product with Passion and Pride.  

    • Raw Metal Products allow buyers to complete with prime & paint - easy to clean up after rugged fun or work; or for  Buyer's local powder coater so you can see their own sheen; LineX or Truck Bed Coating or even Professional Paint..
    • 100% USA Metal - not Inferior "overseas" metal.
    • We hope to exceed your expectations for Precision Product design and High Quality with Unique Products that no other Manufacturer Creates!
    • Grizzly Metalworks - Gail Glenfield - Matt Glenfield Owner/Operator  Chickamauga, GA