Customer Product Pictures & Testimonials - Truck & Jeep


BELOW: 6/27/2022
Thank you so much, Richie, from California for your wonderful message and super pictures of your Chevy! Congratulations on your amazing Trophy!
"Good day, Just had to give an update, that bumper you all built is still solid and putting in work. I’ve winched now on many off road recoveries and even helped pull a semi out of a ditch. But last night, I took home 2nd place at my local mudbogs and as you can see, it’s still front and center. Makes a great place to put my trophy. Thank you for making a great product. Everytime someone asks me, I refer them to the best in the business, Grizzly Metalworks! " Richie - California
BELOW:  Mike from Illinois....  Thank you so much Mike for your super kind words below & the picture of your 1989-1995 Toyota with your raw metal bumper you just receive...We enjoyed working with you and look forward to your install pictures when you have it powder coated and installed!  We Appreciate you very much!  
I have received the bumper w/hardware and brackets.  I will send more photos once it is coated and installed.  
I do want to say that the quality of welding and craftsmanship is outstanding….and that is coming from a Certified Welding Inspector!!  Hats off to your team!! 

BELOW:  Thank you Brandon from Rock Spring, GA!  Great Install Picture of your Tacoma with the Grizzly 2005-2011 Front Winch Plate Hybrid Bumper!  Great Finish and Install!  Take Care...We may be seeing it on the road around here locally!  


BELOW:  Thank you Richie, from California, for your great, kind words of your '81 Chevy K20 Bumper build and the impressive install pictures you sent!  We appreciate you and enjoyed our chats during fabrication time!  Stay well!

Good morning Gail,
Just want to say thanks again for the great product that you and your team provided. I’ve gotten so many compliments on how well it looks. I did some four wheeling this weekend and love the right design. It helps retain or improve approve angles and not once did it impact the trails I was on.



BELOW; Thank you Arch, from Chattanooga, TN, for the great picture of your F150 and your Custom Grizzly Bumper!  Super Painting job!!  Looks Great!  Appreciated working with you! 

Thank you very much Steve, Owner, LINE-X of Oxford, Oxford, AL for sending in the great pictures of your Chevy K-5 with your installed Grizzly Front Winch Plate Bumper.  Your special words were very touching - and we greatly appreciate you!  We wanted to share with other customers how you created the great finish of it at your LINE-X shop...a true testimony of our "Raw Metal" Finish where buyer does not have to have just a standard powder coat finish!

"I primed, coated with LINE-X, used a metallic silver color with added flake, and then topcoated with an aliphatic clear with a ton more flake.  The bumper really pops in the light and mimics a chrome look"

"I appreciate the hard work and the quality of the bumper.  I have a fabrication background and install a lot of bumpers.  I feel confident in saying that your product was one of the best built that I've seen.
This truck stays at my shop and is used as a sales tool.  It gets a lot of attention and eyes."




Thank you Sean for the super great pictures of your 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo WK...your install looks amazing..Also appreciate your very kind words...we enjoyed working with you also and wish you the best in your racing up in Washington State!

"I got the bumper all installed and decked out I'm super happy with it.  Here are some pictures for the website.  Ferris Racing Team Thanks again for your help, Sean "



Thank you Brandon from Florida with the great picture of your GMC Sierra (2003-2006 Model) and your install of the Grizzly Front Winch Bumper..
Also appreciate so much your kind words: 
"Came out great! Time to mount the fog lights. Thanks again!"
Thank you Tristan - We enjoyed working with you to create the bumper you wanted for your Tacoma!  Looks incredible!! Super job!  Appreciate you!
Thank you Bret for sharing your super picture with us!  Glad you are enjoying it!
Super finish and install!