GRIZZLY METALWORKS: All Grizzly Products are Fabricated Per Order in our Facility in the United States of America! Never from China! Thank you for viewing our website for USA High Quality "UTV Rear Flip Seat Assemblies"! Current Estimated Lead time once your order is placed online is Estimate of 30+ Business Days. Raw Metal Finish! Buyers enjoy completing the finish themselves whether powder coat, truck bed coating, or prime & paint for easy touch ups after rugged work or play! When you are checking out; if your State that we are Freighting to is NOT on the drop down list; please contact: to run the exact Freight Charge to your Zip Code, which will pull up the closest Central Transport Terminal for your pick up once freighted out! Many States have varying Rates according to the location in that specific state...... Unique Rear Flip Seat Assemblies are all Precision, Custom Fabricated Per Order!!! Never From China!! USA High Quality!! Chickamauga, Georgia!

Grizzly Metalworks Custom Truck & Jeep Products

High Quality, Custom Designs and Fabrication!
Bumpers that Proportionately are Designed for Visual Appeal, but as a Stealthy, Compact, Low Profile Design.
We do not design or build Bulky Bumpers but Unique Grizzly Styles that you will be Proud to have on your Truck or Jeep!
Whether it is a Winch Plate Bumper
or our Non-Winch "Work" Bumper 
the style will Exceed your Expectations.
Please Note that for most Models - the "Winch Mounting" is incorporated into the build - to the back of the Bumper...
Therefore, if you do not Need a Winch Bumper right now; Let us know; and we will NOT program to cut out the Winch Roller Access; However, the Heavy Duty Winch Plate Mounting is intact for future use...just cut out the Winch Roller Access and Install your winch!  No need to purchase another winch! 
Grizzly Metalworks is your Off Road Custom Headquarters..
Whether Winch or Non-Winch Bumpers, Rock Sliders on Certain Models and Rear Plate Bumpers for Certain Models also!  
Not from China!
Not Warehoused!
Heavy Duty!
We use 3/16" Plate along with a variety of other necessary USA metal for the Build..All Designed, CNC cut, Press Brake Bent, Tack Welded, Full Welding & Smooth Sanded - Raw Metal Finish Only Available.
Customers enjoy being able to custom paint, powder coat, LineX or Truck Bed Coat to their desire..
100% USA Metal...
NOT CHINA METAL!!  There is a difference! 




Gail Glenfield

Matt Glenfield