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Grizzly Metalworks



Payment for items over $2000 cannot go through may use your own Debit or Credit Card or Wire Transfer or Other Options...Let us know..we will work it out!! 

Currently we are able to offer a Grizzly GAS Golf Cart for the "Donor" Cart Build and is ready for a Customer's Purchase and Detailed Build to start immediately!!

This cart has Accessories that will be INCLUDED only on this Build...Head Lights, Rear Lights, Brake Lights, Horn, Blinkers, Lift Kit & Custom Tires and Wheels...All future builds will not have those included...

Note the 1998 Gas TXT Below is a 4 Passenger currently...we will strip the cart down and begin the Precision Stretch Limo Process as described on this Page to Buyer's Specs.

  • For $7,895 it will INCLUDE the current 6" to 9" Lift and Wheels and Tires Shown!! 
  • This specific cart does have Head lights, tail lights, blinkers and a horn and this Build will INCLUDE them Also.
  • Street Legal (Georgia) Turn Signals
  • Horn
  • LED Front and Rear Lights
  • Monster 9" Long Travel Suspension Lift
  • 27" Maxxis Tires
  • 14" Black Aluminum Wheels
  • 3" Wheel Spacers
  • Runs 20+mph 
  • Tuned engine locally by golf cart shop
  • New carbureator
  • New Air Filter
  • New Fuel Filter
  • New Starter Battery
  • New Starter Belt
  • New Drive Belt
  • Extra Nice condition - Not a New Cart but nicely Upgraded
  • Not perfect, Sold As-is
  • No problem for Test Drives 
  • All other Products and Accessories will be removed in order to begin the Specific Stretch Limo Build to Buyer's Specs.  
  • The Basic Stretch Limo of $7,895 will have black seat cushions.
  • Buyer is able to choose the new body paint, which we send to out to Maaco for their Precision Paint Process - see color information in this page for Buyer to Choose!
  • We will Precision Stretch to factory TXT Specs as shown on this page.
  • If you would Prefer only a 4 Passenger Limo (2 Front Facing Seats - the New Pod and the Middle Seat) - We will Substitute the Rear Flip Seat for one of the Below Grizzly Custom Rear Big Buck Racks or Baskets!

The Above TXT Gas Cart is available for the Grizzly Precision Stretch for $7,895 as shown below with Buyer's choice of new Body will have Black Seat Cushions unless upgraded...

Then any other options, Buyer may add!!

STARTING AT $7,895+*

or build at time of Buyer's Purchase-we will secure an EZGO TXT electric or Yamaha G22 electric 

(Prior to Purchase we will secure a picture of the model cart, its VIN number, age of batteries, etc. which will be included in the Detailed PayPal Invoice Bill we email to Purchaser for payment to begin the complex Build)

(Gas carts are add'l and based on availability)



TO THIS: Other Options, Grizzly Products, Roof, Cage, Additional

Basic Limo Stretch to Custom Hunting, Work or Pleasure Limo!!

Totally Custom build per Buyer's Needs!

Grizzly offers Customized Precision Stretch "Fully Welded" Stealthy, No Sag, Limo Conversion Golf Carts...Not a "Bolt On" Stretch "Kit"!  Grizzly Tough!

Below shows a Custom Limo Build with Food Down Windshield and Hard Top Added as Options for the Buyer!

  • Custom Completed to Buyers or Dealers needs and theme; Neighborhood or Family Stretch Limo; Off Roading or Ranch Stretch Limo with a Grizzly Limo Cage and Cage Options; Hunting Stretch Limo with a Grizzly Hunting Cage and Cage Options; Warehouse "People Mover"; Hospitality Stretch Limos for Apartment Complexes or Hospital Patient Pickups!
  • Either 4 Passenger (All Front Facing Seating) with a Grizzly Exclusive Rear Big Buck Rack or Basket OR 6 Passenger Limo with 4 Front Facing Seating and Grizzly's Rear 33" Flip Seat/Big Buck Rack Conversion.....
  • Choose your additional OPTIONS....Grizzly Accessory & Product Options such as Front Winch Plate Gear Brush Guards, Front Clays Baskets; Interior Ammo Gear Baskets; Grizzly's Exclusive Cage Build & Cage Options, Extensive List of Cage Options & More.  Many of our Brush Guards allow for the install of an LED light bar or Off Road lights which would be an upgrade or Buyer can complete when he receives it..
  • Choose the color of your newly Professionally Painted Body (Front Cowl, Pod & Rear Body)(We send the 3 Body Sections out to our Professional Painting Shop - Red, Green, Yellow, Blue, Black, etc.!; Lifted or Not Lifted; Stock Tires or Specialty Tires such as Show Tires or Off Roading/Ranch Tires...
  • Buyer or Dealer chooses all the Options according to what you want!
  • We begin with a Standard EZGO TXT Model or Yamaha G22, based on Availability for specs of the cart for the Precision Stretch Frame Work and Rebuild. 
  • Options will depend on "donor" cart model used for specific Grizzly Products for that model.
  • Specific cart used for the build will be purchased from our distributor and in good running condition for the year of the cart.  They are NOT a new cart, but it will be reviewed for specific and any obvious needs at time of the Limo Build - however, the Build and Cart are Sold As-Is...

Please Contact us with your specific needs for a Stretch Limo - We do a a full top to bottom Stretch Limo with all the "bells and whistles" that a Buyer/Dealer wants OR a basic stretch and the DIY Buyer or Dealer completes at a certain point agreed on.

Once you have decided you want a Grizzly Stretch Limo and the build price has been negotiated - we will send you pictures of the "donor cart" of your choice; based on availability from our Distributor; again, we Stretch the cart - purchased from our Distributor....We look for the best "donor carts" available according to the Limo Build and Price Range..

The Build is very complex for the Stretch Frame Design work and Fabrication; the Body is sent out to our Professional Painter - The Products for your cart are fabricated and sent to our Industrial Powder Coater - The reinstall, rebuild, etc. is timely..

Estimate 4-5 Weeks from beginning to the stunning completion!

Price is According to "Donor Cart" Year, Electric (Batteries) or Gas, Plus the Complete Build with Grizzly Options and Accessories..

We'd be pleased to give you an Estimate with your details..Email or Message us!

  • Below is a TXT Cart in the early stages of the Complex Stretch Process and the Stunning Grizzly Stretch 6 Passenger Limo! Pricing Starting at $7,895.00 as Shown Below..*  *subject to availability of donor cart



 Below Shows the Grizzly's Precision Stretch Cut of the Stock "Donor" Golf Cart 

Below: Engineered and Quality Designed to Perfection on this EZGO TXT Stretch to Factory Spec Length Heavy Duty Framework! FULLY WELDED STRETCH FRAMING...NOT A "BOLT TOGETHER" KIT!

Framework is Rust Proof Painted and New Sheet Metal Precision Flooring will be installed during the build  - Stretch of wiring harness and the complex build of the stretch limo continues...

Body is back from the Paint Shop! Buyer chooses from standard colors to be provided at time of order


New Floor

New Wiring for the stretch

New Rubber Flooring

New Rocker Panels

New Front Seat Pod & Cushion Set - color to work with cart cushion colors

Custom Seat Back Supports

Then the Buyer's Customizing of Grizzly Products and Options Begins..

Below shows off the new Pod Seat and Cushion Set along with the middle front facing seat cushion assembly.

Grizzly 6 Passenger EZGO TXT Stretch Limo is now completed. (This Customer wanted the Basic Model Stretch as shown for family neighborhood golf cart riding!)  Beautiful Grizzly 6 Passenger Family Stretch Limo!

Pricing for the Below TXT Model as shown: Starting at $7,895.00* Includes EZGO TXT Golf Cart, Professional Paint of 3 Limo Body Sections - Standard Colors - Complex, Comprehensive Stretch Process - Limo Rocker Panels, New Rubber Flooring, New Pod & Seat Cushion Set, New Grizzly Rear Flip Seat/Big Buck Rack OR Grizzly's Rear Big Buck Rack or Big Buck Basket substituted for the Rear Flip Seat Assembly!


Grizzly Metalworks Stretch Master's 6 Passenger Limo Golf Carts OR 4 Front Facing Passengers & a Grizzly Rear Big Buck Rack or Basket!!!

Grizzly professional stretch limos are built from the ground up to your specs giving you choice of color and accessory options. This unique opportunity creates the exact limo you desire; and exactly the accessories and options you want on your limo; along with your theme…Hunting Limo, Off Roading & Camping Limo, Neighborhood Riding Limo, Farm & Ranch Work Limo, & Industrial Warehouse Limo!

Accessorize it with exactly the look and use for your needs!

Grizzly's EZGO TXT Standard Stretch Limo Features:       

Donor Cart - EZGO TXT Electric Golf Cart, Included

Upgrades Included in the Professional Stretch Conversion and Refurbishing:

  • NEW 28" Frame Stretch to Factory Specs
  • NEW Professionally Painted 3 Part Body - Front Cowl, Rear Body and new Pod in the color of your choice for standard one paint color:  I.E. Red, Green, Blue, Grey, White, Yellow, Black (metallic colors higher) If you want it painted the same color as your truck or car - give us your paint code number, year of car and model and we will see if our painter is able to match that color - additional cost may pertain)
  • NEW- Your choice..EITHER Grizzly's Heavy Duty Rear Flip Seat Assembly & New Rear Seat Cushion Set OR Grizzly's Extra Heavy Duty Rear Big Buck Rack or Basket NOTE:  The 20" Rear Big Buck Rack will be basically flush with rear Cart Body if you are limited in hauling size OR we could substitute a larger size up to a 30" Rear Big Buck Rack...(Note if you are going to have 4 Front Facing Seats on your Limo Build and a Grizzly Rear Big Buck Rack and want to add the Grizzly Rear Tube Bumper - size of Big Buck Rack would be a 24" to work with a Rear Big Buck Rack!!!)
  • NEW 16 gauge Steel Floor Pans
  • NEW Brake Rod
  • NEW Wiring Harness Stretch
  • NEWLY Painted Frame
  • NEW Limo Seat Pod
  • NEW Pod Seat Cushions for similar match the stock front seat - Typically EZGO TXT seat cushion color will be EZGO Tan - Unless Upgraded - Yamaha carts ivory/white
  • NEW Aluminum Rocker Panels
  • NEW Rubber Flooring
  • NEW Battery Cables
  • NEW Grizzly Rear Flip Seat/Big Buck Rack Combo & matching Rear Seat Cushion Set - Typically EZGO TXT seat cushion color will be EZGO Tan - Unless Upgraded
  • NEW Hub Caps
  • Stock Tires

Accessories and upgrades:  (Note Any Grizzly Fabricated Accessory Added as an Option - 

  • Lift kit
  • All terrain tires and wheels
  • Grizzly Winch Plate Brush guard or Light Bar Brush Guard
  • Grizzly 14” or 11-3/4” Clays Basket
  • Grizzly Interior Ammo Basket Large 7.5” or Standard 5.0”
  • Grizzly Wilderness Fully Welded Limo Sports Cage
  • Grizzly Limo Baja Conversion with Baja Rear Seat Passenger Rails & Removable Extended Hard Top Roof
  • Grizzly Wilderness Sports Limo Cage Options - Windshield, Welded Roof Rack, 5 Panel mirror, Grab Bars,& More
  • Battery Meter
  • New Batteries
  • Lights installed on body…however, the Grizzly Front Light Bar Brush Guard is awesome for easy install of an LED light bar or 2 Off Road or Fog Lights
  • Extended Hard Top to Cover all 6 Passengers (Colors: Tan, White or Black, Based on Availability)
  • Folding Windshield installed on Stock Roof Struts or Limo Cage (Tinted or Clear)

Donor Cart to be used for Limo Build Information:

  • Our Limo donor carts are inspected to be as mechanically sound as visible to us at time of purchase and build and any known problems are fixed during the refurbish and limo stretch
  • The carts have used batteries, specific age of batteries according to donor cart; they are load tested to verify their condition is satisfactory
  • Buyers are welcome to test drive the donor carts prior to the stretch and refurbishing process - if Buyer at that time of test drive finds an unsuitable donor cart condition which was not available to us to fix and desires to cancel - there will be a 20% refund deduction from total paid amount to Grizzly Metalworks.  Documentation of Buyer's concern must be a valid condition concern. 

Delivery, Payment and Lead Times:

  • Lead time for completion of the build after purchase is approximately 4-5 weeks with Professional painting of limo 3 section body in Buyer’s Standard Color choice and powder coating of Grizzly Rear Flip Seat and any other additional Grizzly Accessories.
  • Delivery through Grizzly is available for $0.50 per mile and we frequently meet buyers halfway to pick up
  • Payment upfront after negotiated and contract is written up for the exact build….We will Invoice you through our Credit Card Merchant Servicer, which is PayPal for the Custom Limo Build; you may Pay by PayPal or there will be an Option to Pay by any Visa, MC or Discover Card - NO Extra Charge for a credit card payment!
  • Georgia Sales Tax of 8% to be added accordingly as described below.


Sales Tax:      All Georgia Residents must pay 8% Sales Tax on the purchase price...Residents outside of Georgia who have the golf cart delivered to them outside of Georgia by a third party shipper, we do not collect Georgia Sales Tax, but please guide yourself according to the rules in your state for reporting the purchase and any sales tax due in your state.

A non-Georgia resident who purchases and picks up the buggy from our shop must pay 8% Sales Tax on the purchase price. 



*EZGO TXT or YAMAHA typically a G22, based on availability. Does Not Include Georgia 8% Sales Tax where applicable, shipping or delivery.  Grizzly Options Add'l...i.e. Extended Top, Extended Limo Top, Grizzly Limo Cage with Cage Features & Options; Grizzly Front Clays Basket, Interior Ammo Gear Basket, Fold Down Windshield, etc. 


Other Grizzly Stretch Carts Shown Below - Hunting, Ranch, Off Roading, Neighborhood!




Below: Stretch Frame Limos Getting Ready to Head to a Distant Golf Cart Dealer! 

(This Dealer ordered his Stretch Frame Carts to a certain completion - and they would finish the build!)