GRIZZLY PRODUCTS- USA High Quality & Unique Designs! Made in the USA with USA Metal! Custom Fabricated Per Order at our Facility in Chickamauga, Georgia (Chattanooga, TN Area)! IF YOU HAVE A Truck , Jeep or Side x Side/Utility Cart which that Product is Not Shown Available for your Year, Make or Model; We Do Add on New Vehicle Model Winch & Non-Winch Bumpers & Rock Sliders along with Grizzly's Exclusive Side x Side/Utility Cart Rear Welded Seat Assembly pending an Open Time Slot for you to Bring that Vehicle to our Shop for the Complex 3D Imaging Process & Build of the new Design & Model at a Discounted Price - Est. 1 Week+ at our Shop. Please EMAIL: if you are interested. ALL GRIZZLY PRODUCTS ARE CUSTOM FABRICATED PER ORDER & NEVER FROM CHINA!

Grizzly Metalworks Custom Golf Cart Products


We strive to exceed our Customers' Expectations for High Quality, Unique Designs and Heavy Duty Products you can Enjoy and Actually use on your Golf Cart!

We only use USA Metal.

Never from China; Never Warehoused...Our Products are Designed and Custom Built per Order!  They are NOT on a Warehouse shelf pre-boxed.

All Products are RAW METAL..

Customers enjoy their own time and talent in finishing their Custom Product with their own ideas.  We provide that by offering only Raw Metal..

Customers may Prime and Paint as we suggest frequently which is easier to touch up vs powder coating should your rugged work or "play" scratch the paint....vs powder coating - which is very difficult to touch up.

Some Customers like the look of LineX or Truck Bed Coating.

The choice is the Customers; not a Pre-Boxed Warehoused Product..

We DO NOT use "Mesh", but we do use High Quality USA 13 Gauge Heavy Duty Flat Expanded Sheet Metal for many products, From our Superior Front Clays Baskets to our Interior "Over the Dash" Baskets to our Rear Flip Seats.  NEVER thin "mesh"!

Our Front Brush Guards offer designs that other manufacturers cannot achieve; with some models incorporating a welded 2" Receiver and welded light bar; an EZGO Winch Plate Bumper that you can actually use with a winch...all Exclusive Grizzly Metalworks Products..