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We enjoyed working with Erik from Vaughans Mobile Electronics for an awesome TXT Baja Cage build..Erik indicated that they will be installing some super audio electronics incorporated within the Baja Cage build - we drilled out the middle upper horizontal cage tubing rail and the 2 middle vertical tubing rails so they could run their audio wires through the tubing..

We look forward to receiving their final install pictures on their TXT is going to be an incredible Baja look.  Erik purchased without a new Extended Black Roof as they already had one..we fabbed up the hard top welded roof mounts for their same Extended Black Roof with the Removable Feature when they want that true open Baja feel when they ride!

The Palleted Cage has been delivered to the Freight Terminal in Chattanooga, TN and is on its way to Texas tonight - 6-23-2016!