Grizzly Metalworks USA High Quality, Precision, Exclusive, Custom Products Designed and Fabricated Per Order in our Facility in Chickamauga, GA (Outside of Chattanooga, TN) NEVER FROM CHINA!! Truck/Jeep Winch Plate & Non-Winch Plate Bumpers; Side x Side - UTV Heavy Duty Rear Welded Flip Seat Assemblies For your Honda Pioneer 500, Honda Pioneer 520, Kawasaki Mule, Polaris Ranger, John Deere & More....Also Heavy Duty Golf Cart Clays Baskets & Interior Ammo Gear Baskets! Custom Fabrication Lead Time: Est. 18-20 Business days with 1-2 days in Shipping! Raw Metal Standard Finish! Industrial Powder Coat Available as an Option! Email: Gail Glenfield, Owner/Operator with any questions !

Customer Product Pictures & Testimonials - Side x Side, UTV

Thank you Randall from Texas for the great words and pictures below!  
  • Hi Gail, Well I got my seat back from powder coating last week. Unfortunately right after I broke 6 ribs on a camping trip. My kids were so excited to put it on that I promised them that they could be the first to sit on it if they followed my instructions (actually y’all’s) and did the work.  They were more than happy to help and it turned out AMAZING!   So here is a pic of them enjoying their new Grizzly Metal Works Honda Pioneer 500 rear flip seat. Thanks again for a smooth purchase and an easy install.  Have a Merry Christmas! 12/15/2021 
  • Hello Randall, thank you so very much for sending the great pictures of your children on the rear seat...super install job! Glad they are enjoying it!  Take care of those ribs!! Great time of year to have fun outside still!  Appreciate your extra kind words about the rear seat assembly...Made our Day!  I will also post them on the Honda Pioneer 500 page also!  Enjoyed working with you! Have a Merry Christmas also!! Stay well and safe!  Best Regards, Grizzly Metalworks...Gail - Matt 

Thank you so much David from Utah for your great pictures of your Honda Pioneer 500 and your installed Grizzly Metalworks Rear Welded Flip Seat Assembly! 
And also greatly appreciate your kind words you expressed....
"Love my new UTV seat!  Thanks to Gail for a great product and to Landon for a great coating and quick service.  I already have my first rider!"
Stay well and safe out there!  Enjoy! Love your "First Rider"!
Below:  Thank you Tim and Zach from Florida for your great picture!!
Below:  Thank you Aaron & Kim from Texas - Glad you are having a great time with your Honda Pioneer Rear Flip Seat on the beach there!  Looks Amazing!