We also greatly enjoy seeing the "DIY" talent of our customers' own modifications of Grizzly Products....

We are honored to share their photos on our Customer Photo Gallery Page!

Grizzly's customers are awesome!!

If you see a cart with a Grizzly Product on it that you are interested in, please contact us for details of that product(s).


BELOW: Thank you so very much Michael from South Carolina for sending us not only the great pictures of your 2005 EZGO TXT golf cart with a Grizzly Metalworks 20" Rear Big Buck Basket with upper tie downs - powder coated matte black but your very special words to us..We so greatly appreciate your thoughtfulness and effort to send it to us..Glad to hear you were ok from the hurricane.
"Gail, finally cleaned up after Hurricane Matthew and got a chance to install my rear basket. I couldn't be more pleased and impressed with the craftsmanship and quality. You and your son truly put out an amazing product. Thank you so very much for everything, from start to finish. Here's a snap of the old cart. If you'd like to use it on your website I could take a better pic with hitch installed for reference purposes. Thanks a million. "



We received customer pictures from Bryan of South Carolina with his great looking EZGO TXT and Grizzly Products...we appreciate so much the super pictures and kind words.. Grizzly Products Shown; Grizzly Decorative Roll Bar & Big Buck Rack, Grizzly's Rear Tube Bumper; Grizzly's Front Winch Plate Brush Guard..Awesome job, Bryan...we look forward to working with you again..Take Care!
"Gail,I just wanted to say thank you for the wonderful work y'all do. I am attaching some pics of my cart. Your products are amazing and really hold up!!!! I will be placing a second order for my second cart build soon. Thanks again from Barnwell, South Carolina!!!!  Bryan 


Below:  We greatly appreciate Stephen, from Florida, who sent in his install picture of his Club Car XRT 850 with a Grizzly 14" Front Clays Basket with Grizzly's XRT additional stock roof strut support mounts along with a Grizzly Large 7.5" Interior Ammo Basket....Now that is a very special looking hunting golf cart with heavy duty products...we hope you enjoy them...Thanks again Stephen!  Super job!! Couldn't look better!


BELOW UPDATE:  Thank you Lynn from Texas for sending in the final install pictures of your stunning 4 Passenger Cage build for your Yamaha G29 Golf Lynn emailed us..."It Fits!"...We will also post the pictures on your Grizzly Page Build...

Lynn has more DIY touches to add to his beach cart - he will be adding flag poles to the cage build for his incredible high flying flags!  We will be waiting anxiously for the final "Flag Cart Pictures" on the Beach!!

Lynn was kind enough to let us in on his special powder coating to his Cage and the other Grizzly Products; as he describes the awesome powder coat which was applied to his products out in Texas is called:  Cardinal Brand Silver Vein Hammer Tone, with Clear-Coat applied after that!

What a Super look!!  Couldn't be any better!  We love your custom trailer! Thank you for the pictures and we hope you have a great summer with your very special Flag - Beach Cart!

We greatly enjoyed working with Lynn for his very special 4 Passenger Cage build which he will transform into his "Flag Cage!"

(The 4th Picture is his cart prior to the cage build with his incredible flags flying high!) 



We can't wait to see Lynn's DIY Flag Pole Mounting to the Cage and his Flag Cart Pictures at the Beach!



BELOW:  Thank you John from Virginia for sending in the picture of your great Yamaha G2 cart with a Grizzly Front Brush Guard with the Option of the Welded Closed End Uprights and Expanded Sheet Metal Grille...Looks fantastic with the mounting of your LED light on the light bar!  Appreciate your extra nice comments; that was very special!

"Hello Gail,
Love the brush guard for my Yamaha G2 Cart!  Thank you guys for the great product. The fit and finish is perfect!"
BELOW:  Thank you Rob from Michigan for the pictures of your Yamaha G14 cart..what a super look with the Grizzly Double Rail Nerf Step Up Rails and the Front Brush Guard!  Looks awesome....Thank you for sending in the pictures!  

Below:  Thank you Dick from Florida for the great pictures you sent in of your 2011 Club Car XRT 850 with a Grizzly 14" Front Clays Rack and a Grizzly Large 7.5" Interior "Over the Dash" Ammo-Gear Basket..Customer chose to add the Option of Industrial Powder Coating in Matte Black.  We greatly appreciate the pictures.  Your cart looks awesome!




Below:  Stephen from Florida and his 7.5" Large Interior Ammo-Gear Basket and a 14" Front Clays Basket for his hunting Club Car XRT 850...Stephen installed them on his cart for a test fit prior to his powder coating...Looks awesome!  We look forward to receiving his finished product pictures!  Thank you Stephen!


BELOW:  A very special "Thank You" to Cody, from Tamora Fire #112 in Nebraska, for sending in the below pictures of their great EZGO Express L6 Rescue Golf Cart with a Grizzly Metalworks Front 14" Clays Rack that works with a Fold Down windshield! Cody purchased the 14" Heavy Duty Clays Rack in raw metal...looks great finished!  The Front Clays Rack is used for their medical supply bag..what a wonderful use of a Grizzly Front Clays Rack! 




BELOW:  Thank you David from Kentucky for the great pictures of your new 2016 EZGO Express L6 Golf Cart (6 Passenger) with an Installed Grizzly 14" Front Clays Baskets and Heavy Duty Mounts that we notched for the Factory Fender Flares.  David purchased it Raw Metal Finish and did a super job finishing it..Looks incredible...Appreciate your pictures..Have fun!!

This Extra Large Front Clays Basket works with Fold Down Windshields -

Measures 42-1/2" x 14" (exterior)

Fabricated from 1-1/4" Round Tubing 16 Gauge with 13 Gauge Expanded Sheet Metal!

EZGO Express L6 Front Clays Basket Grizzly Metalworks

Grizzly Metalworks Front 14" Clays Basket for 2016 EZGO Express L6


BELOW:  Dennis from Louisiana sent in pictures of his Club Car Precedent with several Grizzly Products installed.  He did an awesome DIY job of mounting his Rear Ammo Basket on the interior upper rear of his cart!  Also shown is a 24" Rear Big Buck Rack, 16" Front Gear Rack with Body Guard Rails - super install of his LED light and Winch; plus a Rear Tube Bumper with welded "D" Ring mounts...Appreciate the great pictures!


BELOW:  Chris from Maryland sent in pictures of his EZGO TXT golf cart and a Grizzly Front Winch Plate Brush Guard; which we modified the raw metal Front Winch Plate Brush Guard and welded his receiver to the base of the Winch Plate!  Super job!! Great fit with your fender flares and factory light bar! Thanks Chris!


BELOW: Thank you Bob from Georgia for the pictures you sent in of your EZGO TXT workhorse!  Enjoyed seeing how you finished the Grizzly Front Winch Plate Brush Guard and Rear Tube Bumper on your deck!  Awesome!  Also, thank you for your details..

"Very pleased with bumpers. Installed with street legal light kit & Warn 2000 lb winch."

"Both bumpers received. Look very nice. Primed & winch plate drilled. Street legal system installed. Winch system installed and ready. Painting tomm. Will send pics in few days when finished & installed. Thanks so much."  Bob from Georgia




BELOW:  Thank you so much Steve, from Florida, for sending in the below pictures of your awesome 2016 EZGO Express S4 Hunting cart with a Grizzly 14" Front Clays Basket & Heavy Duty Mounts.  Great choice to add the option of Industrial Matte Black Powder Coating.  We hope you enjoy it and appreciate your pictures! 


BELOW PICTURES FROM JONATHAN OF ALABAMA...Your Bad Boy Buggy looks fantastic after your DIY completion of the Grizzly 18" Front Clays Basket mounts and your install & powder coating.  Couldn't look any better.  We hope you enjoy your heavy duty Grizzly Front Clays Basket!  Appreciate you!


BELOW PICTURES FROM ADAM OF GEORGIA - We greatly appreciate the pictures of your Grizzly EZGO TXT Front Brush Guard with Welded Winch Plate...Awesome install of your LED Light Bar and your 2500 lb. Badlands Winch!  Thank you for sending them in!


BELOW PICTURES FROM MIKE OF FLORIDA - Thank you for taking the time to send us the super pictures of your Club Car DS...your DIY finish is awesome along with your install of the Winch, LED Lights and Hitch!  We appreciate the purchase of the Grizzly 16" Front Winch Plate Gear Basket with Body Guard Rails, Welded Winch Plate, Welded Light Bar and 2" Receiver...We also shared them on Grizzly's Facebook..Glad you are enjoying them!  Happy Holidays!  


BELOW PICTURES from Erik of South Carolina - Thank you Erik for sending us great pictures of your Club Car DS after your install of the Grizzly 16" Front Winch Plate Gear Basket with Body Guard Rails!  Super install of the winch!  Looks Awesome!  Appreciate you sending the pictures! They will look great on Grizzly's Facebook also!





BELOW:  Thank you Mike from Florida for sending in your install pictures of a Grizzly Heavy Duty Clays Rack (Open Sides)  - size 18" wide x 42.5" for your Bad Boy Buggy!  Your DIY mounting of the Grizzly Clays Rack with the existing Bad Boy Brush Guard looks fantastic! Thank you for sending the pictures to us! We always enjoy working with you!




Mike from Tennessee sent in his installed Front Gear Basket which is shown below after fabrication in raw metal!!  Great install Mike!  Your LED light fits perfectly on the welded light bar....we are also posting your picture of the bright light it produces!!  (If you are interested in an LED light as Mike is showing on his cart, please contact Grizzly for details on how to purchase it!)  Super pictures Mike; Awesome winch!!!  Thank you.

(Mike ordered his Gear Basket with Body Guard Rails, Additional Cross Member Welded Tubing Rail, Welded Silence nut & Welded "D" Ring Mount at base of 2" Receiver.)



BELOW 3 PICTURES: Shane with Action Battery, Texas & his custom 4 Passenger Hunting Cage build..Shane purchased without a Rear Seat Cushion set and installed his stunning custom rear seat!  Awesome hunting cart Shane! You chose exceptional Grizzly Options: Double Rail Roof Rack with Thick Rubber Mat for Shade, Welded Light Bar which you installed your large LED upper light, Welded Grab Bars Welded 2" Receiver to the Foot Plate Conversion Rack! Extra Nice! Appreciate you sending the pictures! (Shane's full build is shown on the Cage build Tab with pictures from beginning to completion!)


 BELOW:  Jason from Maine sent in his "before" and "after" pictures of his super Yamaha G2 G9 golf cart...Jason sent us the following about his cart...."Hi Gail, Here are some pictures of my cart with the installs completed. I also sent a picture of it in its original condition. I own an ambulance service here in Maine and I intend on using this cart to help out with event coverage.Thanks, Jason, EMT-P  Sterling Ambulance"

Thank you so much Jason...your Yamaha cart is incredible! Great install of the Grizzly Front Brush Guard with your Led light, and the complex Rear Seat/Big Buck Rack with new cushion set...Looks super!!  Appreciate greatly you sending in the pictures to us! Keep up the good work! Best always, Grizzly Metalworks!


BELOW:  Shawn from Virginia has sent his completed install pictures of his Grizzly Cage Build on his Club Car DS...just an awesome cart!  We appreciate you taking the time to send them to are also posted on his "Cage Build Page" from the beginning & end fabrication stages through to the freight pallet construction and Shawn's install pictures!



BELOW:  Thank you Tim, from North Carolina for sending in the pictures of your EZGO Express S4 with a Grizzly 16" Clays Basket...Awesome cart, looks fantastic!  From all of us at Grizzly Metalworks, "Best of Luck" at Big Red Oak Plantation in Gay, Georgia June 17-21st, 2015...for the 2015 Georgia Sporting Clays Championships!                                         We hope to see you there!! Send us some great action pictures of you there and we'll be proud to post them on the website!  


Kelly from Texas and his Club Car DS....thank you Kelly for sending us pictures of your Club Car after your install of the 18" Winch Plate Gear Rack with Welded Light Bar and your Rear Tube Bumper with added option of 2 "D" Rings and welded silence nut in both receivers...Your kind words made our day...we appreciate you!

"Good morning Gail,

Here are the pictures of my finished cart.  It is not fancy, but very practical for what I need. Your products are perfect for what I was trying to accomplish. I added a small LED light bar. I almost called to see if you had a recommendation for a good light bar, but I got lucky and picked a good one.  I may or may not add a winch in the future. I need to get over to the hunting lease and see if I think I need one.

I want to compliment your company again for putting out top quality products. The quality and design are amazing! I am thinking about trying to buy, modify and sell a cart once in a while now that I am retired, so I will be contacting you again in the future. This was a lot of fun to do. 

Take Care, Kelly"



Thank you Jay from Georgia with your awesome Yamaha G2G9 golf looks fantastic with the Grizzly Ammo Basket, Rear Big Buck Rack & Rear Tube Bumper....just super!! Appreciate you!

Below Picture:

Thank you Kert from South Carolina...what a wonderful picture of your Dad and you on his "retirement hunting buggy" with a Grizzly Front Gear Basket with Body Guard Rails...


Below Picture:

Chris from Texas, your Express S4 looks fantastic with your Powder Coated Matte Black, Heavy Duty 14" Clays Basket...Beautiful cart!  Thank you for sending in the pictures!  Appreciate you!



Below Picture:  Thank you Patrick from Texas for the great picture of your Club Car DS with a Grizzly 16" Front Gear Basket, Body Guard Rails, Light Bar, Grille and 2" Receiver.  Awesome!  The Yeti Cooler looks perfect!


Below:  Thank you Todd, from Illinois, for the great pictures of your Club Car DS & a Grizzly Winch Plate Gear Basket with Body Guard rails!!  The Gear Basket & your winch look incredible installed on your cart.  We appreciate you sending the pictures to us.. Super job!


Thank you Wes from Florida for your great pictures of your G2 G9 Cart.  The finish and install look perfect with the Front Brush Guard with Options of the Welded Closed End Uprights and Welded Sheet Metal Grille; along with the matching Rear Tube Bumper with Welded Closed End Uprights.  Great choices for your stunning cart.  We look forward to working with you in the future on other cart builds!! Appreciate the pictures!


Mike, Super Job on the DIY Adapting and Modifying of the Grizzly Limo Cage with the "sleeve extensions" to work on your 8 Passenger limo!  The Open Basket Foot Plate on the Grizzly Cage Rear Seat does look Impressive...We were glad to work with you on this build. 


Below:  Tim from Mississippi did an awesome install job of a Grizzly Rear Seat/ Big Buck Rack on his Yamaha G9 cart!  Tim added the welded 2" Receiver to the footplate and completed the finish himself..Looks fantastic Tim!  Great job!!  We greatly appreciate the pictures you sent!  Extra Nice cart!!

Below Picture: A Grizzly Stretch Limo with Cage,  Gear Rack, Rear Seating, Custom Limo Features...

Above Picture:  It was sold to a Nashville Buyer who used his creative DIY Talents and Added the Solar Panel to the top of the Cage!

Awesome job!!



Below; Thank you Ryan, from Louisiana, for sending in your awesome EZGO TXT cart picture with a Grizzly Front Clays Basket and a Grizzly Front Winch Brush Guard.  Incredible Finish & install of your winch!!  Appreciate your picture! Looks perfect!


Below picture sent from Charlie of Miami, Florida shown on his Club Car DS...a Grizzly 16" Winch Plate Gear Basket...Charlie completed the finish himself and it is outstanding!  We appreciate Charlie sending us the picture and his kind words......"Came out great.   The web suggestion of the truck bed paint came out perfect.    Thanks again."   




Below picture...Thank you very much Kelly from Marietta, GA for sending us your great Marathon Golf Cart Pictures after your finish and install of a Grizzly 12" Front Basket and a Grizzly Front Brush Guard with welded light tab.. Great job on the finish and install Kelly!  Thank you for the pictures; we enjoy featuring them on the website pages and greatly enjoyed meeting you on the delivery of the products in Rome, GA! Your kind words about the products and your finish of them are so very appreciated..

" I used the rustoleum bed liner stuff you mentioned on your website. It worked out really well and was fairly easy to apply. It was a pleasure to meet you and Matt as well. Best of luck in your business, you have a great product and excellent craftsmanship.

Happy and safe thanksgiving to you as well.


Thank you Barrett from Texas for sending us the below super picture of your stunning EZGO with a Grizzly EZGO ST Front Clays Rack which looks awesome with your Yeti Cooler!  Fantastic looking cart!!  We appreciate you very much!! 



Below pictures were sent in by Faron, from Texas, a wonderful Grizzly Customer...We greatly appreciate your awesome pictures of your RXV outfitted with a Grizzly Front Gear Basket with Body Guard Rails, Rear Big Buck Rack, Rear Tube Bumper and Rear Mounted Ammo Basket...Great look...just how we like to see our rugged products used!! 


Thank you Gus, for the below picture of your RXV below and your great comments!  Appreciate you taking the time to send them to us...Looks awesome!! All our best!

Attached are photos of our cart with the new rack installed. Took about an hour to install- all told and with some minor modification to the windshield, it is perfect. I really appreciate the precise fit and high quality. It's the toughest part on the cart!
I ordered it in unfinished metal. I wiped it down with paint thinner and finished it myself with rustoleum professional semi-gloss black spray paint, no primer (my 9 year old boy enjoyed helping dad). It looks like it is OEM on the cart. I wrapped some black electrical tape around the rails where the windshield rests on it, which works perfectly as it is nearly invisible, keeps the rack from getting scratched and keeps the whole rig silent no matter what the terrain!
Thanks again. 
Gus - Savannah, GA"


Thank you Larry for your the below picture of your great EZGO RXV with a Grizzly HD Series Front Brush Guard with the option for welded Closed End Uprights and welded Expanded Sheet Metal Grille!  Your finish of it is fantastic and your light choice you installed on the light bar is perfect!

Stunning is the word for your cart!!


Reid Donaldson's "Texas Triggers"  (Plano, Texas) Custom Cage Build below with six welded gun mounts, upper cross members, all metal rear flip seat, custom grab bars, windshield & more!! 


Mike, from Minnesota, we appreciate your great picture below you sent us of your outstanding EZGO TXT which is outfitted with a Grizzly Sports Cage, Grab Bars, Welded Windshield Mounts, New Fold Down Windshield, along with a Rear 28" Big Buck really have a fantastic cart to be proud of!  the custom painted body and the stunning Cage & rack color are superior!  Thanks again for sharing the picture with us!!

Thank you, Faron from Texas for your great picture below of your EZGO RXV Ranch golf cart with your installed 18" Front Gear Basket with Body Guard Rails!  Super Finish and install!  We also greatly appreciate your very nice comments. 

"Brush Guard Basket Combo is great; installed in 15 minutes.  Perfect for my ranch cart." Faron

Faron...Thank you again and we appreciate your continued business!


Warehouse Workhorse Conversion shown below - People Mover & Interior Rack

Cleveland, TN

 Unique "DIY" Buyer, John from Texas, added Rear Seating on his TXT Cart with a creative tweeking of a 36" Rear Big Buck Rack with Swivel Boat Seats!  Now that's some DIY customizing!  Super job!!

Looks super with the Large Front Clays Basket too!



Chuck, we love your "Batmobile"!!  Great install job of the Front Gear Basket and Rear Big Buck Rack!!

Thank you for the picture!



Thank you Terry from Jacksonville, Florida for sending us the below picture of your awesome EZGO with a Grizzly Sports Cage and the 20" Rear Big Buck Rack..Outstanding job!! Appreciate you!


BeBo's Buggies from Massachusetts..and his Hunting Golf Cart shows off a Grizzly Front Winch Plate Gear Basket with Body Guard Rails, Welded Light Bar and a welded 2" Receiver with the welded Winch Plate..Fantastic!


Scott from Flowood, MS and pictured below is his One Piece Cage Build which we completed at our shop on his incredible cart.  We enjoyed designing and fabricating his awesome complex build...Once Piece Cage Build is complete with a Welded Double Rail Roof Rack, Welded Rear Seat 33" Flip All Metal Base & Frame; plus Grab Bars for the Rear Passengers and Grab Bars for the Front Driver and Passenger...The front of the cart looks fantastic with a Front Gear Basket with Body Guard Rails, 2" Welded Receiver and Welded Light Tab...

Now that's a stealthy cart!


The below cart was brought to us from "Peachtree City" in the Atlanta area for a custom One Piece Cage Build with Welded Single Rail Roof Rack, Welded Grab Bars, Fold Down Windshield and a Welded 18" Open Rear Rack with Sides...Perfect for street legal riding in Peachtree City!

Bill and Christine from Illinois transformed their G2 Yamaha shown below into an awesome buggy build! They are a great inspiration to all DIY cart owners who have the vision for a very special buggy look with Grizzly products...Appreciate you...Build included a Grizzly One Piece Cage Build with Grab Bars and Welded Rear Seat and Rear Grab Bars plus a Front Brush Guard...

Bill and Christine custom fabricated their own "hard top" on the cage...Super job!!

Tom from Asheville, NC brought us his 4x4 Workhorse for a Custom Cage Build which included Welded Grab Bars, Welded Single Rail Roof Rack and Welded 3" Windshield Mounts...That's one tough looking buggy!

Thank you Jeff from South Carolina for sending in a beautiful picture of his Yamaha and a Grizzly Front Gear Basket with Body Guard Rails, Welded Light Tab and 2" Receiver...Looks incredible! 

Thank you for the awesome picture of your cart below.


Below is William from Arizona and his Club Car's Grizzly Sports Cage with Welded Grab Bars and 3" Welded Windshield Mounts..Thank you for sending us the super picture prior to your creative DIY modifications as seen in your 2nd picture...Awesome!!  That's what we like to see from our Grizzly Raw Metal Products.

Robert sent in a picture of his Club Car and a Grizzly Rear 20" Big Buck Rack...Thank you for the super picture; shows great storage capability under the rack!  Appreciate you sending the picture to us!!


Patrick, your Front Gear Basket with Body Guard Rails and your "DIY" additions of lighting are absolutely super...Great job...we love the look and greatly appreciate your business and the picture...Awesome job!!


Shown below is Kenny's 2014 EZGO TXT which was transformed with a Grizzly One Piece Welded Hunting Cage..Welded Gun Mounts on the Rear Rails, Welded 33" Flip Seat fabricating with heavy duty 13 gauge expanded sheet metal, Rear Grab Bars, 2" Welded Receiver on foot plate,Welded Single Rail Roof Rack Front Grab Bars 23" Extra Large Front Gear Basket and a Front Winch Brush Guard...Great Install; we appreciate your trust, business and the build.




Kenny's Cage Build being palleted for Freight with all ordered products on freight pallet.

Final pallet construction, securing products and cage build and wrapping for delivery to the Freight Company.

Below Picture of Kenny's 2013 EZGO prior to the above Grizzly Cage Build & other products!

Thank you Shannon for the super pictures below of your Front Brush Guard...

Great look on your Yamaha!! Appreciate you!


Waylon from Louisiana sent in the below picture of his standard EZGO Hunting cart with a Grizzly 23" Front Gear Rack on the front and a 36" Extra Large Big Buck Rack on the rear...Waylon indicated the wild boar on the back was up to 350 lbs. and he had carried 3 wild boars in the front...Awesome Hunting Picture...Thanks Waylon...You show others that they do not need the expensive "name brand" buggies or carts to get the job done!!

Nic from Alabama and his Hunting Club Car...Incredible Build...Hunter's Cage with two welded gun mounts and removable gun holders, Single Rail Roof Rack welded to top of Cage, Grab Bars, Fold Down Windshield with 3" Welded Windshield Mounts, 30" Rear Big Buck Rack, Front Open Sided Gear Rack with Body Guard Rails...Nic completed the finish in an incredible textured LineX coating...Super job! 


    Mike, from Dallas, TX has sent us two awesome pictures below of his installed Hunters 18" Front Gear Basket with Body Guard Rails, Light Tab & the Option for the Extended 2" Receiver!  You captured exactly the use we had intended for this product! Great pictures!


      Thank you Jason from Pennsylvania...your picture of you G22 looks super..When you get your winch installed, you'll have to send a new picture!  
      "Here are the pics of my 2005 G22. I painted your front guard per your specs and it worked great! Overhead stereo installed as well with 23" tires and 6" lift.  Guard is great quality and it looks awesome!" Jason

             Mike from Florida sent in the below picture of his Club Car and a Grizzly Front Open Sided Gear Rack...


            A Tennessee Farm Cart; read for work out in the fields...Awesome 23" Front Gear Rack and Rear 33" Flip Seat!! Super picture and show of the functional use of the products!

              Below Mike from Florida...and his Club Car's Front Gear Rack with Open Sides. Just perfect!!  Love it!

            Another great picture from Mike..

            Great job Mike...Appreciate your business...Love your DIY talent! 


            Mike and his "DIY" additions to his hunting cart...a Grizzly Rear Big Buck Rack and a Grizzly Front Open Sided Gear Rack...Awesome job!! Thank you for all of your pictures and your business.

            Mike from Georgia sent in the below picture of his awesome G29 cart with a Grizzly 16" Front Gear Rack, Open Sides, with Body Guard Rails and 2" Receiver..Mike did an excellent creative job with utilizing the front gear rack for his rifle holder; and his lights look perfect on the welded light tab.. Great job...appreciate the picture!

            "Gail, I hope these pictures are good for you...I am more than pleased with the seat and the service I received from your company. If I need any further products I will be sure to contact you. Thank you for everything. Terry Clinton  ps You can use my name and pictures for advertising."

            Thanks so much Terry.  You were a joy to work with!  We appreciate the two super pictures!!

            Ron and Hickory Grove Christian School and their two "twin" carts with 18" Front Gear Baskets!!

            Beautiful picture!  Thank you.

            Thank you, Glenn of New York...We appreciate you sending a picture of your incredible Yamaha with a Grizzly One Piece Sports Cage with Attached Rear Stationary Seat and Removable Base Cushion Feature, Welded Windshield Mounts & new Windshield, plus a Welded Flat Bar for your install of the Round Off Road Lights on top of the cage!  Your choice of the Orange is absolutely stunning!!  It sure must be turning heads....Great Work on the install!