GRIZZLY METALWORKS & (GRIZZLY WINCH BUMPERS) - USA CUSTOM FABRICATED STEALTHY PRODUCTS: Truck/Jeep Trail Riding Winch Plate Bumpers & Work Plate Bumpers; Side x Side Rear Welded Flip Seats & Winch Bumpers; Golf Cart Clays & Interior Baskets; Brush Guards


   Grizzly CLUB CAR PRECEDENT*  Wilderness 4 Passenger Buggy Features:


If you are interested..please contact us for any additional details! 

BELOW INCLUDES ALL "NEW" TO THE "BUILD YOUR BUGGY" CLUB CAR PRECEDENT (if you want a different model cart, let us know...prices would be adjusted according to the cart obtained.) *Based on Availability, other model carts may become available. (The Above Pictured Precedent Buggy is Grizzly's last "Precedent Buggy" that was Sold...this Opportunity "Build your Buggy" is intended to Offer the same superior build for new buyers.  Also Buyer may add and adjust Options".  

  • NEW 6” Lift Kit
  • NEW 22" All Terrain Tires
  • NEW Black Off Road Wheels
  • NEW Grizzly Front 14” Clays Basket
  • NEW Grizzly Interior Ammo Basket
  • NEW Grizzly Front Brush Guard with Welded Light Tab for Buyer’s LED or Off Road Light
  • NEW Grizzly 33” Flip Seat/Big Buck Rack Combo, Heavy Duty-Includes new Rear Seat Cushion Set to match the color of the stock front seat
  • NEW Full Size 2" Trailer Receiver welded to Foot Plate of Rear Seat

This incredible "Build your Buggy" Opportunity features 4 of our Best and most popular Grizzly Heavy Duty Products at an unbelievable Low Price!  

*Grizzly Front 14" Clays Basket

*Grizzly Interior Ammo Gear Basket

*Grizzly Front Brush Guard with Welded Light Tab & 2" Receiver

*Grizzly 33" Flip Rear Seat/Big Buck Rack with Removable Base Cushion Feature (If you Want to Substitute Grizzly's Rear Big Buck Rack for the Rear Seat, that is Not a problem...Let us know...instant transformation to an incredible Hunting Golf Cart Buggy with Grizzly's Rear Big Buck Rack!

Plus...Stock Roof, Charger and Fold Down Windshield

Plus...New 6" Lift Kit Installed and New 22" All Terrain Tires & Wheels

*Plus Georgia 7% Sales Tax, for Georgia residents or buyers whether they are a Georgia Resident or not who come to our shop - it then becomes a Georgia Sale; if we deliver to a non-Georgia Resident outside of Georgia, no Georgia sales tax is collected.

*Plus any Additional Options, Accessories or Upgrades

Grizzly Wilderness Buggies are built to your specs giving you the choice of color and numerous golf cart accessory options; instead of purchasing a cart that was not the right body color paint or one that was more or less than you wanted to purchase. This unique opportunity creates the exact buggy you desire. No need having to settle for the limited selections at the dealer. 

Tell us what you want on your "Build your Buggy"...NOT WHAT A DEALER HAS ON THEIR LOT!!

Wilderness Buggies for the price of $3495 include the "Donor" Cart as described and the List of "New" upgrades, refurbishing and products for the build...

Then you may price out any additional features to be added if desired.


Additional Option Accessories and Optional Upgrades:

(Note:  Any Grizzly Fabricated Accessory Added as an Option - 20% Discount from Website Pricing when purchases with the Limo Build)

  • Professionally Painted Body in color of your choice; Standard Red, Blue, Black, Green, Gray, Yellow (metallic colors additional)
  • New LED Light, wiring and switch installed on Front Brush Guard Light Tab (2 Cube LED lights, 10” LED light, or 2 Off Road Lights
  • New Upholstered Front Seat Cover
  • Battery Meter
  • High Amp Controller
  • New Batteries
  • Two Tone Seats
  • Folding Windshield (Tinted or Clear)
  • Grizzly 4 Passenger, Fully Welded Sports Cage - Powder Coated Matte Black or Gloss Black
  • Grizzly  4 Passenger Baja Cage Build with Extended Long Black Hard Top, Custom Grab Bars & Custom Baja Rear Seat Rails - Top is Removable for the true “Baja” look - Powder Coated Matte Black or Gloss Black
  • Cage Options:  Grab Bars, 5 Panel Mirror, Cage Mounted Gun Welded Mounts and /Removable Gun Holders,
  • Welded Single or Double Rail Roof Rack

 Buggy Cart Information:

  • At this time, we are building Club Car Precedent carts with newer batteries - we will obtain the specific cart information with your order and place it on hold for our pickup.  We will obtain the VIN #, Year, Age of Batteries and Pictures for you.
  • Our carts are purchased from our distributor and are inspected to be mechanically sound to the best of our visual inspection and any known problems are fixed during the refurbish and buggy build.
  • The carts have used batteries which are load tested to verify their condition  (New batteries are optional)
  • Buyers are welcome and encouraged to test drive the donor carts prior to the stretch and refurbishing process to verify that they are satisfied with the operation and driving of the cart.
  • Final Buggy Builds are sold as-is

 Delivery, Payment and Lead Times:

  • Lead time for completion of the build after your purchase of the build is approximately 3-4 weeks; depending on Options chosen which may take longer if the body is taken to our professional painter, etc. After our fabrication of the new Grizzly Products, we must send them out to powder Coat - Estimated 7 business days at Powder Coat…we then will reinstall them on your specific cart along with all included Upgrades and any options.
  • Delivery through Grizzly is available for $0.50 per mile up to 250 miles…(over 250 miles please contact us for a price per mile) and we frequently meet buyers halfway to deliver also.
  • Payment upfront after negotiated and contract is written up for the exact build….We will Invoice you through our Credit Card Merchant Servicer, which is PayPal for the Custom Limo Build; you may Pay by PayPal or there will be an Option to Pay by any Visa, MC or Discover Card - NO Extra Charge for a credit card payment!
  • Georgia Sales Tax of 7% to be added accordingly as described below.

 Sales Tax: All Georgia Residents must pay 7% Sales Tax on the purchase price...Residents outside of Georgia who have the golf cart delivered to them outside of Georgia by a third party shipper, we do not collect Georgia Sales Tax, but please guide yourself according to the rules in your state for reporting the purchase and any sales tax due in your state.  A non-Georgia resident who purchases and purchases and picks up the buggy from our shop must pay 7% Sales Tax on the purchase price. 


Below pictures show the "Build your Buggy" last Precedent which has been sold..These are the same features which are included in this Grizzly "Build your Buggy".




If you want to substitute the Grizzly Rear Seat for a Grizzly Rear Big Buck Rack or Big Buck Basket for a true Hunting Buggy Build; No Problem...Pictured Below are several Rear Big Buck Racks..


Options for the "Build your Buggy" include a Grizzly Fully Welded Cage as shown with a Single Rail Welded Roof Rack, Rear Big Buck Rack...

It is your Buggy Build...tell us what you want!  Not what a Dealer has on their Lot!