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(Specific available golf cart models which we are able to fabricate for are shown on the 4 Passenger website page for Cage builds.)


 We are greatly enjoyed working with Marcus from Oklahoma and his very special 4 Passenger Cage build for his EZGO TXT cart...This Build incorporated his Custom Front and Rear Seat Cushion Set which we have engineered and designed new Heavy Duty Seat Back Supports for the Custom Upper Cushion Set.

We hope you enjoy the amazing transformation which took place with the beginning of Raw USA Steel and a Grizzly TXT Precision Jig Fame as shown below.  Pictured is the main Cage frame structure under fabrication; Cage, bends, cuts, notches, drilled holes, level and angles must be absolute precision to "fit like a glove" on a distance buyer's cart. 

The Cage is on its way to Oklahoma via Southeastern Freight!  We look forward to posting Marcus' install pictures after he receives the cage!  

The Cage has been completed and looks fantastic. It is now ready for the Freight Pallet Construction, securing the Cage to the Pallet, Assembly of the Flip Seat and Rear Base Cushion to the Flip Frame, Hardware, Install Instructions and the full Freight Wrapping...





Marcus chose awesome Options for the Build, which will include:

  • Custom New Seat Back Supports for Front and Rear Custom Cushion Set
  • 4 Passenger Grizzly Cage with 33" Welded Flip Seat - Base Flip to be Fabricated from Heavy Duty 13 Gauge Expanded Sheet Metal.
  • Foot Plate to include a Welded 2" Receiver
  • 3" Flat Bar Welded for Marcus' future Windshield Install
  • Welded Channel Bar on Cage Front Rail for Marcus' Light Install
  • Welded Single Rail Roof Rack
  • Driver and Passenger 15" Welded Grab Bars
  • Powder Coating Matte Black - Once the Cage has been completed, we will deliver to our outsourced Industrial Powder Coater for Matte Black Powder Coating.  When completed, we will pick up the Cage Build to begin the next phase of the Freight Pallet Construction
  • During the Freight Pallet Construction, we will secure the Cage and all other Options and his Seat Cushion set to the Freight Pallet and fully wrap for Freight Travel.

We hope you enjoy the Grizzly Cage Build Pictorial from Raw USA Steel to a Custom Cage for Marcus and his TXT Cart..

Main Cage Frame and Grab Bars completed.



Welded Flat Bar for Buyer's Future Windshield 


Marcus will be using custom Front and Rear Seat Cushions.  He shipped them to us for the design work of his Heavy Duty Upper Seat Back Supports as shown below.

Below shows the intense design work of the Welded 33" Flip Rear Seat Assembly beginning stages.

The Rear Flip Seat Foundation is Progressing

Main 4 Passenger Cage Frame has been Removed from the Grizzly Jig Frame..

Much more design work and fabrication to continue; Expanded Sheet Metal on Foot Plate, Base Flip and Flip Frame along with the Fabrication of the Single Rail Roof Rack and welding to the top of the Cage along with Welding of the Channel "Light" Bar in Front of the Roof Rack; plus the final complete welding of the entire cage prior to delivering to Powder Coating!  

At this point of the build, it now has taken great shape and will continue to emerge into its final remarkable 4 Passenger cage build that will fit on Marcus' TXT cart in Oklahoma!  Each Cage and Product build become very personal to us and we appreciate Marcus' order!