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  This Page is Dedicated to a New One Piece Complex Cage Build for Shawn from Virginia.   

(Specific available golf cart models which we are able to fabricate for are shown on the 4 Passenger website page for Cage builds.)

Thank you Shawn and Ken for the great installed pictures of the Cage build on your cart.  We appreciate you taking the time to send them to us to complete your "cage" build page.  Just an awesome and incredible cart.  Enjoyed working with you!  All our best...The Grizzly Team!

5-21-2015  Cage has been delivered to Wilson Freight and is on its way to Virginia!!  We enjoyed working with Shawn and Ken from Virginia and look forward to any pictures they may send after the install!  Best always!

  Freight Pallet Completed & Cage Fully Wrapped, Windshield holes Drilled, Hardware put together, 1/2" Thick Mat has been cut to Size of the Roof Rack and now - Ready to be Delivered to Terminal and on its way to Shawn!



5-15-2015  Cage has been picked up from Powder Coating - Absolutely Incredible!  Next Phase is the Construction of the Freight Pallet; Drilling out the Corresponding Windshield Holes with the Welded Windshield Mounts, Hardware gathering, Completion of the modification of the Rear Base Lift Off Cushion, Stacking and Wrapping and Delivery to the terminal in Chattanooga..

This has been an exciting custom, intricate One Piece Cage Build designed by Grizzly Metalworks and hand fabricated on a Grizzly jig cart with a jig cushion set....

This cage will “fit like a glove” on Shawn’s 2002 Club Car DS when he installs it after receiving it by Freight.


Once we have picked up the Cage after powder coating it will then be returned to Grizzly Metalworks for completion of hardware and install instructions first..then the Rear Seat Assembly Completion for the Lift Off Feature from the 13 Gauge Expanded Sheet Metal Rack...The cage will then be wrapped for shipping, a freight pallet will be construction with the cage mounted to the pallet and wrapping completed...we will then deliver to the Freight Company for shipping to Virginia for Shawn's  install on his 2002 Club Car DS cart...We will post any updated pictures we receive from Shawn!!  

Special Features included in this Cage Build include: Grizzly’s One Piece Cage build with Grizzly’s Unique “Lift Off Seat Cushion” on an 18” Expanded Sheet Metal Rack…therefore, when Tom easily removes the Base Cushion from the 13 Gauge Expanded Sheet Metal Rack, he will have a Heavy Duty 18” Rack for Cargo, Gear, Camping or Yard Items without having to place them on top of his new Black Base Cushion! Other Features will Include 15" Welded Grab Bars for Driver & Passenger and 15" Grab Bars for Rear Passengers, Welded 3" Flat Bar Windshield Mounts, New Fold Down Tinted Windshield with holes drilled for mounting & hardware, Welded Channel Bar at the Front of the Single Rail Welded Roof Rack which will have a ½” Heavy Duty Mat to provide shade when needed for driver and passenger and a Welded 2” Receiver to the Rear Seat Foot Plate!
Design work and Fabrication is now completed and we are pleased to post pictures of the complex build from the very beginning of the Cage on our Club Car DS Jig Cart!!

• We have enjoyed bringing Shawn's One Piece Cage Build through the Design and Fabrication Stages and on to powder coat!

Pictures From the very Beginning....USA Steel; Absolutely 100% Precision Hand Fabricated!



Even though the complex design and fabrication are completed..we still have a ways to go in order for the Cage to be on its way to Virginia...

Please keep watching for updated photos once we receive the cage from Powder Coat and the final phase of preparing the Rear Seat Assembly, and the build of the Freight Pallet along with the full wrapping of the cage photos will be posted...then on to the Freight Terminal!