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Tom's 4 Passenger Custom G29 2015 Adventurer 2+4 Cage Build is now completed & we have received the final beautiful pictures from Tom and his family after the install!  They are amazing!  What a fantastic cart!

It was an incredible build and we appreciate Tom & his Family, Janelle at Little Egypt Golf Cars and Jeff Krook with Freight Center! 

Have fun and enjoy!  You all were a delight to work with!






Below is Raw Metal Fabrication


We are pleased to post our Grizzly fabrication pictures for the custom, intricate One Piece Cage Build for Tom and his family, from Illinois, who are working with Janelle at Little Egypt Golf Cars which will be installed on his new cart purchased from them...the custom Grizzly One Piece Cage build & Front Brush Guard as shown in the below pictures are fabricated on a Grizzly jig cart with a jig cushion set....this cage build will be sent to our outside powder coater upon the completion of the fabrication stage; and then palleted, wrapped and shipped freight to him via his golf cart dealer, for the install on his new 2015 golf cart! 

We are pleased to be working with them to provide a superior Cage build with 33" Flip Rear Seat/Big Buck Rack with a Removable Base Cushion, New Black Rear Seat Cushion Set, 15" Welded Grab Bars for Driver & Passenger and 15" Grab Bars for Rear Passengers, Welded 3" Flat Bar Windshield Mounts, New Fold Down Windshield with holes drilled for mounting & hardware, New 5 panel mirror with welded brackets on upper front rail, (windshield and mirror supplied by Little Egypt Golf Cars & Customer and shipped to Grizzly) along with a Grizzly Front Brush Guard with Welded Grille work & Welded Closed End Uprights..

  • We hope you enjoy the pictorial of the complex fully welded Grizzly One Piece Cage Build..If you are in the Salem, Illinois area, please look up:
               Janelle, Little Egypt Golf Cars(618) 548-2366, for all your golf cart needs!