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BELOW UPDATE:  Thank you Lynn from Texas for sending in the final install pictures of your stunning 4 Passenger Cage build for your Yamaha G29 Golf Lynn emailed us..."It Fits!"...We will also post the pictures on your Grizzly Page Build...

Lynn has more DIY touches to add to his beach cart - he will be adding flag poles to the cage build for his incredible high flying flags!  We will be waiting anxiously for the final "Flag Cart Pictures" on the Beach!!

Lynn was kind enough to let us in on his special powder coating to his Cage and the other Grizzly Products; as he describes the awesome powder coat which was applied to his products out in Texas is called:  Cardinal Brand Silver Vein Hammer Tone, with Clear-Coat applied after that!

What a Super look!!  Couldn't be any better!  We love your custom trailer! Thank you for the pictures and we hope you have a great summer with your very special Flag - Beach Cart!

We greatly enjoyed working with Lynn for his very special 4 Passenger Cage build which he will transform into his "Flag Cage!"




Above...The Before picture of Lynn's awesome "Flag Cart"....

We will be posting all fabrication pictures and the final pictures!!

Exquisite 13 Gauge Expanded Sheet Metal Work...

Make sure you view all of the pictures below!! Stunning!





We look forward to working with Lynn from Texas, his Powder Coater, Converse Technical Coatings, San Antonio, Texas & his Golf Cart Dealer who will complete the final install, Randy's Golf Carts, Giddings, Texas.

Lynn has chosen outstanding Cage Options and other Grizzly Products for what will be an amazing transformation of his Yamaha G29 "Flag Golf Cart" as shown below in the "BEFORE" picture..

We will be posting pictures to Lynn's Cage Build Page, once the initial design work has been completed; along with all materials, supplies and metal for the build delivered to will be of the fabrication starting from the early beginning stages of the raw metal fabrication to the final completion of the wrapped Freight Pallet for the Cage and products to be shipped to Texas...

FABRICATION TO BEGIN THIS WEEK ON THE YAMAHA G29 JIG CART- All of the intricate Design Work is now completed - All materials have been received - Initial Main Frame Materials have been precisely cut, notched, drilled as necessary...Pictures will be posted as Fabrication on the Jig Cart now Begins!  It may not look like a lot of progress, however, the extensive design work behind the scenes is one of the most important and time consuming stages for the precision fully welded 4 Passenger Cage Build...we are excited to be at this stage and ready to start the build!




3/16/2016   Below Pictures:

Actual Cage Fabrication is Beginning on the Grizzly Yamaha G29 Jig Cart...We will be posting a lot more pictures as it progresses...the Main Cage has been tack welded only as shown below...and much, much more to do...we hope you keep watching as work continues!





We look forward to receiving the final install pictures from his Golf Cart Dealer, Randy's Golf Carts, Giddings, Texas, who will handling the precision install of his One Piece Cage & Grizzly Products as described below...

This will be an exciting build!

Description of Lynn's Custom 4 Passenger Cage & Product Build for a 2013 Yamaha G29 Drive Golf Cart:

  • Grizzly Metalworks One Piece Welded Cage with 33" Rear Flip Seat/Big Buck Rack Combo, fabricated from Heavy Duty 13 Gauge Expanded Sheet Metal, with New Black Cushion Set and Grizzly's Exclusive Removable Base Cushion Feature without tools!
  • Two 3" Welded Windshield Flat Bar Mounts for Lynn's install of his windshield
  • 2" Welded Receiver to the Rear Foot Plate.
  • Grizzly's Exclusive Rear Foot Plate Conversion to a Foot Plate Basket!
  • 5 Panel Mirror with Brackets welded to upper front rail of cage 
  • Single Rail Roof Rack Welded to Cage - using 13 Gauge Expanded Sheet Metal base
  • Welded Driver and Passenger 15" Grab Bars
  • Modification side rear seat spacing enclosure

Other Grizzly Products which will be fabricated during the build:

  • Front Interior "Over the Dash" Ammo Basket & Mounts 
  • 16" Front Winch Plate Gear Basket with Wrap Around Body Guard Rails - Premium Model - to Include Welded Winch Plate, 2 Welded "D" Ring Mounts, 2 new galvanized "D" Rings, Welded Light Bar
  • Additional Horizontal Bar between upper Body Guard Rails

There is a huge amount of work to be done in order to start the complex build...the fully welded One Piece Cage has to be so precision that it will "fit like a glove" on Lynn's cart out in Texas!